One-on-one tuition-private lessons

Following a prior discussion with the client, we set the outcome goals for the period of tuition, then we realize them with the greatest attention and professionalism. These may include:

  • acquanting beginners with the basics of tennis
  • polishing tennis teqnique for more experienced players
  • preparing players for amateur competitions and tournaments
Adult beginners, attention! It is never too late to start, so come and try out our course and challenge yourself!

Amateur community

Do you enjoy the game but lack motivation? Are you dissatisfied because you do not have the opportunity to participate in competitive tennis? Or because you cannot find the appropriate partner? Do you want to improve your skills further during training courses and also be part of a friendly team? Our academy organizes trainings for its members and registers teams to domestic team leagues operated by the Hungarian Tennis Association (MTSZ). Each team competes in a leagues that is appropriate to the level of its members, thus one can surely find one that is suitable for them. We look forward to having those in the team who would gladly participate in training courses and in the team championships.