Price list INDOOR SEASON 2023-2024

IdősávSzezonbérletben egy óra10 alkalmas bérletben egy óraSzezonbérletAlkalmi
Hétköznap7-107.900 Ft8.400 Ft237.000 Ft8.900 Ft
Hétköznap10-146.500 Ft!!!7.500 Ft195.000 Ft8.900 Ft
14-167.900 Ft8.400 Ft237.000 Ft8.900 Ft
16-218.900 FtNincs267.000 Ft9.900 Ft
Szombat7-157.900 Ft8.400 Ft237.000 Ft8.900 Ft
15-186.500 Ft!!!7.500 Ft195.000 Ft8.900 Ft
Vasárnap8-127.900 Ft8.400 Ft237.000 Ft8.900 Ft
12-196.500 Ft!!!7.500 Ft195.000 Ft8.900 Ft

Junior group lesson fees (monthly basis):

  • 1 lesson/week: HUF 24,000
  • 2 lessons/week: HUF 37,000
  • 3 lessons/week: HUF 53,000

During each coaching lesson, there is a maximum of 6 players to one coach at a time.

Private (one-on-one) tuition:

with professional trainer: HUF 8,900

with premium trainer: HUF 9,500

with head coach: HUF 11.000