Private courses

Just as for adults, having private lessons is the fastest way to get familiar with the basic techniques. We teach every children (even those who are only three years old) with cutting-edge equipment to achieve the greatest result which is manifested by smooth, lasting hits. gyerek_tenisz1gyerek_tenisz2


Courses for amateurs - aspiring professionals

At us, children (even at a very low age) can attend tennis courses that last even after their matureness. We colour our lessons with various activities and games to rule out monotony. It is important to note that a group consists of four children at maximum so that we can provide maximum care and support.

– Professional Tennis – ’The Champions of The Future’ philosophy:

It turns out in little time to what extent does a child like the game, and of course whether he or she is talented. For the ones with exceptional talent we start a so-called „premium professional tennis” course every season. Participants in this receive the best possible tuition early on, from the age of 7 or 8. The goal of this course is to prepare participants for a professional tennis career, and help them until adulthood. These lessons take place three times a week, and consist of three group lessons, one endurance training and last but not least one private lesson every other week for the best possible effectiveness. gyerek_tenisz3gyerek_tenisz4«Back