Our philosophy:

After my professional career I was given the chance to work in Germany, where I had the opportunity to get to know German tuition methods and philosophy. I moved back to Hungary in Spring 2008, and decided that I would make my dream come true – the establishment of a professional tennis academy in Hungary that is on par with Western European standards. Starting out alone, after a year I gathered enough players to found my own tennis academy, ’Molnár Teniszakadémia’.


With my colleagues we strive to help players attain their aspirations regarding tennis. The wide range of tools (good quality balls for each class, marker stripes, buoys, etc. ) facilitate rapid improvement. At us, one gets the chance to take part in group lessons in addition to private lessons, even in adulthood, with friends or relatives.

Balázs Molnár

The venue:

Our academy is situated amidst the green hills of Buda, close to the city centre. In addition to our exterior (clay) courts, one can play in our superb tennis hall (the only one in Budapest), thus the classes are not postponed due to bad weather. This also precludes health damage caused by high-pressure tents, which are banned in Western Europe.


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Our coaches:


Balázs  Molnár

  • CEO, manager
  • Former professional player
  • USPTR qualified coach
  • Internship, further professional training, coaching in Kastl, Germany
  • Wilson licensed trainer


Vilmos Lázár

  • Former trainer of the national team, King’s Cup captain
  • Trainer with „B” license
  • 8 years of coaching in Germany
  • Former professional player: Davis Cup squad member, seven times Hungarian champion in team, Hungarian champion in doubles.


István Molnár

  • 30 years of coaching experience
  • Multiple U-champion, Hungarian champion as a coach
  • Former Hungarian First League player
  • Former manager of some of the most prestigious teams: MTK, Pára, Vasas